Founded in 1979 by second-hand traditional menswear fans Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, Hackett was soon to become one of the market’s most authentic menswear brands. It began life as a second-hands store, but branched out into new manufacture by 1985. Ever since Jeremy Hackett opened his first second-hand store on King’s Road, Chelsea, in 1983, Hackett London has gone from strength to strength. Now sitting at the forefront of traditionally inspired menswear, Hackett has over 150 stores in more than 30 countries, offering elegant styles of blazers, coats, jackets, t-shirts, polos, accessories and more for men and boys. Explore our full range of savvy discounts and sales on Hackett products.One of our most long-term suppliers and great friends. Hackett one of the most quintessential brands that have gone from strength to strength. Starting in the 1980s on King's Road in Chelsea, Jeremy Hackett had a keen interest in tailoring and British 20th-century clothing. This was where he first began to create his own clothing, and was where Hackett was born. 
The business has grown to over 150 stores and has proudly been associated with Aston Martin, British Army polo and the Henley regatta to name a few. Their clean styling is loved by many and suits the lifestyle on the North Norfolk coast well. Try Hackett now at Gun Hill Clothing Company. Many believe Hackett London to be a label generations older than it actually is. This wonderful sense of heritage and cosy familiarity combine with extraordinary practices in tailoring to create a brand that every man will benefit from having in his wardrobe.
In 1987, two army officers approached Hackett for sponsorship, and the Hackett Polo Team was formed. The sportswear line was born at this point, and the team shirts were so popular that they sold out. By 1988, Hackett London had adopted the strapline ‘Essential British Kit’, summarising its everyday and quintessentially British personality. Success kept coming, and in 1995, the brand started to manufacture its classic suiting, jumpers and more for children. Famous for its tweeds, Hackett collaborated with Horse and Hound magazine in 1999 to create its most enduring design to date: a tweed with a green base and red overcheck. This affinity with sport continues to this day, as the label is proud sponsor of the Oxford and Cambrige Boat Race and has worked in conjunction with Aston Martin Racing.